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Camp Seagull | Camp Seafarer
David Dimenstien
Arapahoe NC 28510
United States
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252-249-1111Main Phone
Camp Seagull | Camp Seafarer David Dimenstien
Character is not limited to geography, to age, or to gender. It is not made in the ease of air conditioning or plush couches. It’s forged through the heat that rises off of the river and the late nights talking with a camper who needs your support.
Through and through, Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer are in the business of developing people to be their absolute best.
Camp prides itself on creating a caring community that uses fun, interactive and challenging activities to build relationships and personal confidence.
You have the chance to not only change the lives of the campers you live and work with, but your own, as you are asked to give more and be more than you ever have before. Every staff member has the opportunity to develop leadership and teaching skills, as well as technical skills through teaching our seamanship and land programs. Given the creative, fun and engaging nature of this job, relationships among staff, peers and campers are strong and often last a lifetime.