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ID# 000832

Camp Wicosuta - Registered Nurse

Camp Wiscouta
21 Wicosuta Drive
Hebron, NH 03241
United States
800-846-9426 (Main Phone)
Job Start Date
Job End Date
Employment Type
Summer Camp
Work Schedule

Job Description

The head nurse is:
1) A vital member of the leadership staff of Camp Wicosuta
2) Currently an RN license in NH or a compact state
3) A supervisor of other staff members including general nurses, med nurse, health center assistant

♣ Communicate with health center staff before they arrive at camp to introduce self & answer questions
♣ With health center staff, run health center information session during orientation
♣ Collect staff medications
♣ Review camper/staff medical forms
♣ Contact parent as necessary to follow up on concerns and/or questions
♣ Place opening health center order
♣ Direct the opening setup and on-going maintenance of health center


Health Center
♣ Manage supplies and budget (with help of Wico directors)
♣ Create on-call & daily schedules for staff
♣ Share pertinent info from cabinet meetings with health center staff
♣ Maintain on-line camper medical logs with help of staff.
♣ Maintain written health files on every camper & staff member
o Review previous summer’s health files as needed
o Store current health files at the end of the season
♣ Manage flow of sick-call
♣ Manage health check of all staff & campers on arrival days
♣ Direct close of camp regarding equipment, activity area, evaluations, etc

Staff Supervision
♣ Organize & plan health center orientation with help of directors
♣ Welcome staff—and orient them to camp (show them their room, give them a tour, make sure they have what they need)
♣ With health center staff, plan health center general orientation for all staff
♣ Provide daily & as needed feedback to staff in regard to safety, policies, etc.
♣ Provide 2 reviews and 1 touch-base to each staff member throughout the summer (4 week staff have 1 touch base & 1 review)
♣ Create schedule of regular meetings with health center staff
♣ Attend (with all health center staff) weekly staff meetings
♣ With health center staff, provide Wico staff with information about outside health care

Additional responsibilities:
♣ Take the lead on parent communication
♣ Share as much information as possible with directors & head counselors when pertinent
♣ Advise camp of any community-wide health concerns
♣ Collaborate with Plymouth Pediatrics and other outside providers
♣ Make sure at least one nurse is present at all camp activities (if not more) for coverage
♣ Attend cabinet meetings at 7:30AM every morning
♣ Meet regularly with Corey
♣ Assist with opening and closing day of camp – transportation, camper and counselor pick up/drop off and other duties as assigned (check-in, parking lot)
♣ Generate and share ideas for camp improvement (staffing, equipment, planning, etc.) with directors.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Requirements

Flexible-- able to adapt to different environments and schedules
Confidence in nursing skills
Responsible, hard-working
Good bedside manner, friendly and personable
Strong assessment abilities
Prior experience with children
Desire and ability to be a team player
Enjoy an active lifestyle
Willingness to obtain appropriate state licensure (camp will reimburse)

ER and/or pediatric unit experience preferred
Participate in camp activities and events