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ID# 000894

EMT - Health Supervisor

Prescott, AZ 86303
United States
Job Start Date
Job End Date
Application Closing Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Yes Background Check
Employment Type
Summer Camp
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description

Under minimal supervision, provide an effective resident and day camp program by providing direct health assistance to the campers and staff as needed. Work directly with unit staff and girls as needed. Support and encourage a healthy and sanitary camp community, and actively promote and support Camp’s mission and goals through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to ensure the delivery of a quality experience for campers.

Essential Functions:
• Manages and implements the camp’s health care plan and review medical protocols.
• Provide basic health care and emergency First Aid to campers and staff per physician’s medical protocol.
• Administer camper and staff medications per established procedures.
• Maintain and complete necessary records and reports.
• Supervise sanitation and safety throughout the camp.
• Check and issue First Aid kits weekly.
• Assist in the planning and delivery of pre-camp, in-service staff trainings and weekly meetings.
• Responsible to lead and assist fun and meaningful activities to campers; model constructive and enthusiastic participation in all program areas.
• Assist with ordering, purchasing and distributing supplies necessary for health and safety.
• Oversee dining hall operation to ensure procedures are followed and foster an environment of consistent order for campers and staff.
• Staff / Camper Support:
• Provide health care, supervision, and support to camp staff and campers.
• Develops and facilitates health and safety trainings and/or information sharing.
• In coordination with the Camp Director creates camper health information system and communicates daily regarding camper or staff needs.
• Understand and know staff and campers - help them to respect the faiths of others and to appreciate differences and similarities so that campers get the most out of their stay at camp.
• Ability to place needs of girls and camp above personal desires.

Health & Safety:
• Participate in and lead specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and safety and universal precautions for infection control.
• Ability to observe camper and staff behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.
• Responsible for the cleanliness of the wellness center daily; including by not limited to the dis-infect beds, laundry, bathroom, restocking of necessary supplies, garbage/recycling, etc.
• Utilize camp provided transportation as needed.

Systems / Communication:
• Be available at all times via radio “walkie talkie” when on site.
• Maintain strict confidentiality and professionalism when handling sensitive information regarding campers or staff members.
• Prepare a weekly summary and evaluation including inventories, MAR sheets, reports on campers and staff health problems, and recommendations.
• Assist in the planning and delivery of pre-camp, in-service staff trainings and weekly meetings.
• Instruct staff and campers in established emergency procedures such as fire drills, evacuating the cabin, etc. and understand your role in crisis management.
• As a member of the camp’s administrative team, assist in the development and implementation of routines, schedules and procedures for camp operation.
• Maintain clear and positive written and verbal communication with all internal and external clients.
• Participate in pre and post camp, inventory, and general clean-up as assigned.

Positive Relationships:
• Contributes to the diversity emphasis of the council by ensuring that all materials, activities and programs are sensitive to and reflective of the interest, values and needs of people of all racial /ethnic groups, cultures, belief systems and abilities.
• High level of customer service with parents, fellow staff, council staff, community and vendors.
• Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving within the staff and camper groups.
• Address conflicts between staff and/or campers and communicate with parents as needed.
• Support and promote campers and fellow staff to take risks and seek challenges.

Job Requirements

Requirements and Qualifications:
• Minimum 21 years of age.
• Current Arizona EMT, LPN, Physician, PA, or RN license; and CPR certification.
• Develop knowledge of ACA Health Care Standards
• Ability to function as part of a camp staff team, sharing concerns readily with supervisor.
• Follow the guidelines of the Staff Working Agreement.
• Current driver’s license and a safe driving record.
• Ability to communicate with, and provide direction to, staff and campers of varying age and skill levels.
• Cognitive and communicative ability to manage multiple areas of camp program and operations.
• Ability to visit and inspect the camp’s living units, program areas, food service, and administrative office.
• Knowledge of common camper illnesses and proper sanitation in group living communities.
• Ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camper supervision.
• Ability to make immediate decisions in a crisis and to handle emergency situations in a calm manner.
• Ability to lift/assist campers or staff.
• Knowledge in safe use and storage of medicine, pesticides, and other chemicals.
• Ability to read and understand prescriptions, health examination records, health history records and physicians’ orders.
• Ability to maintain accurate written health care logs, records, reports and documentation.
• Ability to get to remote locations on camp property quickly.
• Ability to communicate effectively with campers, parents and staff.
• Ability to observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp.
• Knowledge of the potential health and safety hazards within a camp setting, and ability to address such hazards.
• Ability to safely drive a passenger vehicle with passengers.
• Ability to keep accurate, legible records.
• Possess mental and physical strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of others (staff and campers).

Desired Qualifications:
• At least one season (six weeks) of experience in a supervisory capacity (preferably in organized youth activities).
• Knowledge and experience in coordinating, implementing and supervising youth programs in an outdoor setting.
• Desire and ability to teach, work and relate successfully with children and staff.
• Ability to effectively supervise the coordination of a variety of program activities in a camp setting.
• Ability to work with persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
• Leadership / Followership skills.
• Ability to learn and willingness to develop skills in a variety of program activities.
• Ability to think and act calmly in a crisis.
• Demonstrate compliance with all Camps rules, policies, and procedures.
• Demonstrated maturity, sound judgment, integrity and flexibility.
• Demonstrated enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self- control.

Office Equipment / Machines / Electronic Devices:
• Responsible for daily camper blog, Facebook, taking and uploading videos and pictures as needed (adjust as needed).
• Responsible for radio “walkie talkie” communication.
• Efficiently and effectively uses the following: Phone, Fax, Email, Internet, Word, Excel, and online camp registration /camper information software.

Working Conditions – Physical aspects:
• Ability to share living quarters with other staff (in the out of doors which may include, but not limited to: directly on the ground, primitive camping, rustic cabins, or dormitory cabins).
• Must possess strength and endurance, and emotional well-being, required to maintain constant supervision of campers.
• Must be able to endure prolonged standing, bending, walking long distances, hiking, daily exposure to sun and heat and other weather conditions, and animals (insects, reptiles, mammals, etc.)
• Ability to go without electronic devices for a number of days at a time while on duty.