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ID# 000944

Nurse / Wellness Person - Summer Camp (District of Columbia)

Capitol Debate
Various, DC Various
United States
Employment Type
Summer Camp
Work Schedule

Job Description

Job Overview:
The Nurse / Wellness Person is responsible for the overall safety and wellness of students at camp as well to chaperone / supervise some on campus and off campus activities. Report and work directly with the Camp Director, Residential Life Director, and the Capitol Debate Liaison to ensure a smooth camp experience.

Nurse / Wellness Person Expectations:
You are the person keeps student safety as the priority of all activities
You are responsible for collecting, monitoring and administering student medications as prescribed
You assist students with ensuring food allergies are accommodated through conversations with necessary dining hall staff members.
You are the frontline to any and all medical injuries or illnesses
You remain in constant communication with the Camp Director and Residential Life Director regarding any medical, injury, allergy, or other wellness related occurrences during camp.
You are present during all residential life activities to ensure safety and wellness precautions are taken
Attend movie and amusement park field trips as Chaperone
Participate in approximately 5 hours of pre-camp staff meetings / planning Camp & Residential Life Directors
Dedicate a minimum of 5 hours toward independent pre-camp preparation for each camp session

Requirements & Experience:
The Nurse / Wellness Person must be over the age of 21 and typically possess a degree within the field of Nursing, Child Psychology, Social Work, or an equivalent field and may also be a student still working toward their degree. The Nurse / Wellness Person must have strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills, and a strong attention to detail with regard to student safety, medication, and wellness. Previous work experience in a residential life/housing facility at a college or university is a plus. This position is required to attending training sessions during the months of January - May, as well as participating in our all-staff orientation and training the day before camp begins.