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Brant Lake Camp

7586 State Route 8
Brant Lake NY 12815
United States
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At Brant Lake Camp, we believe we have a unique and more thoughtful approach to caring for kids. It starts with really knowing each and every one of them– from their unique personalities, to what sports they like, whether they are lefty or righty, who their friends are, and a whole lot more. And it permeates everything we do. Importantly, our Key Staff (their maturity, quantity and experience), our three Mini- Camp System and our Unique “Hybrid” System of Counselor Utilization, among other factors discussed below, differentiate us from other top tier camps. Together, these unique aspects of Brant Lake Camp allow us to know our kids to an unparalleled degree.

This philosophy also helps guide our approach to sports, instruction and what represents “appropriate” competition, creating a tradition of a camp– “Where Sports Are Done Right”

The following are some of those key areas where our thoughtful approach provides for a better and richer experience for all our campers– thereby enabling them to thrive, reach their potential in becoming responsible young adults and attain great growth in sports.

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Brant Lake, NY
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Brant Lake, NY
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