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Camp Cody

9 Cody Road
Freedom NH 03836
United States
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Camp Cody Dean Poland
Our Philosophy

Our camp philosophy is simple. We want our campers to have fun through learning, friendship and adventure. During their time with us, we also want all campers to become more self-assured and self-confident. All of this takes place in a great camp atmosphere with a diverse and unique program.

About Our Staff

Cody’s staff join us mostly from colleges and universities within the USA. Having a good match between staff and camp is very important. We look for staff who have strong skills in a teaching area, plus a GENUINE interest in working with children. We hire staff who come to camp to “give of themselves” to campers. Our staff also have the necessary levels of maturity, common sense, dependability, trust, and selflessness required in working with children. We have high expectations and requirements for behavior. All program staff are activity instructors or assistants. Non-program staff work in office, dining, maintenance, and medical areas.
Gymnastics Instructor

Important Dates

Cody operates an eight-week summer season and four two-week sessions for campers, as well as a week of pre-camp staff training and orientation. During “staff week” we open cabins and set-up equipment. Intensive briefings also take place on camp operation, policies, games, and camper reviews. It is both a fun and busy week. Cody runs for eight weeks, but nearly half the camp attends one of our two-week sessions. Campers live in cabins with boys or girls their same age and attending for the same time period. A dozen or so staff choose to arrive early and up to several dozen stay “post season” (for one, two, three, four, six or eight weeks throughout the summer) to help with other mini-camps we run and to do general fix-up work as needed. If this is of interest to you, please let us know ahead of time.

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