Camp Head Nurse

Birch Rock Camp
293 McWain Hill Road PO Box 148
Waterford, ME 04088
United States
Category Nurse Managers
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Degree Required
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$9,000.00 to $11,000.00 Per Year
Job Description


Job Description

Health Care Supervisor


As a member of Birch Rock Camp you are part of a team of child care professionals. All your actions and decisions should reflect your membership in this profession in support of our motto: Help The Other Fellow. 


Reports to: Camp Administration


Positions that report to the Health Care Supervisor: Assistant to the Camp Nurse, Substitute Nurse


Qualifications:    Be at least 21 years old

Have current RN,NP or PA certification and license from the Maine State Board of Nursing

                           Have current CPR/AED certification

                          Physically able to navigate natural terrain of Birch Rock Campus

                          Must have a valid Driver’s License


Scope: The Camp Nurse will:


a)    Provide, supervise, and maintain responsibility for total health care for the Birch Rock Camp campers, counselors, and staff.


b)    Have working knowledge of and ability to implement standing orders from camp pediatrician, State of Maine Health requirements, and ACA standards related to health care.


c)    Implement Birch Rock’s Health Care Plan including communication with our camp pediatrician and other health care providers. Assist in arranging for transportation to outside health care facilities as needed.


d)    Gather, review, analyze, and maintain all health records (health histories, health exams, bound log books, accident reports, correspondence, etc). Complete required insurance paperwork. Provide regular and ongoing health issue communications with Camp Director and parents, and as needed, cabin counselors, and camp staff. Confidentiality of health related information is crucial.


e)    Store, prepare, and dispense medications in compliance with doctors’ orders, standing orders, ACA standards, and State of Maine Health requirements.


f)     Train staff about health care policies and procedures.


g)    Ensure a clean, appropriately stocked Infirmary prepared to provide ongoing health care.


h)    Provide for ongoing health care around camp and on out of camp trips through training staff, maintenance of well stocked first aid kits and casual inspection of kitchen, waysides, trip equipment and living areas.


i)      Be prepared to move quickly, on foot if needed, around the camp property to provide emergency first aid and medical evaluation.


j)      Provide ongoing health education and teach/model preventative practices


k)    Supervise/train/evaluate Health Care Assistant and others who will be providing health care during the summer under RN/Health Care Supervisor’s authority.


l)      Attend regularly and specially scheduled staff meetings, as requested.


m)   Interact with campers in a positive, supportive manner. The emotional safety of all campers must be considered at all times.


n)    Be knowledgeable of all safety and emergency procedures, and have the ability to activate the camp’s emergency procedures. The physical safety of all campers must be considered at all times.


o)    Provide feedback to cabin counselors on their respective campers.


p)    Understand and publicly promote the ideals, philosophy, and traditions of Birch Rock Camp to our campers, fellow staff members, and camp visitors.


q)    Observe and comply with all procedures and policies contained in the Birch Rock Camp Staff Manual, and the ACA Accreditation Standards, and State of Maine laws.


r)     Perform such other work as requested by the Camp.



Accommodation: The Brewster Health Lodge plus all meals


Salary: Based upon experience and schedule; campership assistance available for applicant children



For more information: 


Please email:

Michael Mattson
293 McWain Hill Road PO Box 148
Waterford ME 04088
United States
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