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Camp Kamaji

32054 Wolf Lake Rd
Cass Lake MN 56633-3131
United States
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Camp Kamaji Kat Martin
Founded in 1914, Camp Kamaji for Girls, rich in heritage and stepped in traditional camping values, has the distinction of being Minnesota’s oldest residential summer camp for girls! As directors, we are more than ever committed to Kamaji’s founding principles: to be a place where kids can absolutely, completely be kids; where childhood is embraced, nurtured and respected; where our campers can grow and develop, learn new things, do things they can’t do at home, and cultivate friendships unlike any they’ve ever had. In a world where young girls are expected to be all things – smart, athletic, well-rounded in terms of extracurricular activities, beautiful and thin – Camp Kamaji provides the breathing room for young girls to find their 'authentic selves'. Kamaji teaches its campers the skills necessary to grow towards independence and, in time, adulthood. It does so within a structured, supportive, supervised and positive environment – a child-centered environment. A Kamaji camper is treated as an individual, not as a stereotype. She is respected, trusted, encouraged, praised and loved. Most importantly, she feels valued for who she really-and-truly is rather than as a ‘culturally scripted self.’

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