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Camp Lokanda

Glen Spey NY 12737
United States
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Camp Lokanda Ronen Gabbay
Camp Lokanda is one of the premier camps on the eastern coast of the United States. We are located 2 hours from New York City, set in the amazing Catskill Mountains, on Lake Loch Ada, from which we named our camp. We have been around for over 80 years. We are a co-ed traditional sleep-away camp and have about 475 campers, ranging from ages 7 to 16. To look after so many campers, we invite 250 staff to join us from all over the world. Lokanda prides itself on being a safe, fun environment for everyone to grow and develop. As you take good care of our campers, we in turn take good care of you. We provide a good salary and travel package, and lots of support and staff facilities.

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Glen Spey, NY
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Glen Spey, NY
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