Camp Nurse (Overnight)

Wildwood Camp
27 Vining Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Start Date
Job End Date
$1,000.00 to $1,500.00 Per Week
Job Description

Position Purpose:   

The Camp Nurse in conjunction with the Health Care team is responsible for overseeing the health and safety of campers and staff. Heath Care team consists of Nurse, heath care assistant and camper and staff inclusion specialist.  


Essential Job Functions: 

  1. Provide health care to meet individual needs of camp staff and campers. 
  • Collaborate with other medical staff to meet medical needs.  
  • Follow health care policies/procedures as described in the Healthcare Manual and treatment procedures.  
  • Assist with daily medication management. 
  • Help supervise and care for people admitted to the Health Center for care. 
  • Provide direct care to staff and campers within the scope of their skills, the camp’s health care manual, and treatment procedures. 


  1. Organize, maintain, and utilize adequate resources for serving the health and medical needs of the campers and staff. 
  • Keep health center neat and organized throughout the summer.  


  1. Maintain accurate and detailed medical records according to state and American Camp Association Standards. 
  • Prepare and utilize daily medical log for treatment and medications. 
  • Prepare and record insurance and accident report forms. 


  1. Oversee First Aid procedures and supplies. 
  • Prepare and distribute first aid kits throughout camp including camp vehicles, kitchen, offices, waterfront, activity areas, out-of-camp trips. 
  • Ensure supplies are well stocked and distributed as needed. 


  1. Ensure a staff orientation session is delivered on medical services with the Health Care Supervisor. 
  • Ensure camp staff and campers know their role related to health care and first aid. 
  • Provide or ensure orientation is provided that includes standing orders, clinic hours, specific camper health and social needs, health center procedures, emergency procedures, growth and development of age groups, staff health assessment of campers, policies on contacting parents, transportation to outside health facilities, accident prevention and risk management, nutrition, and first aid in the camp setting. 


  1. Screen all campers and staff who are arriving and departing camp  
  • Verify health history and examination (with Health Care Supervisor). 
  • Verify emergency authorization. 
  • Identify any observable evidence of illness or communicable diseases. 
  • Keep all medications used by campers and staff. 


Other Job Duties: 

  • Perform any tasks beyond those assigned as help is needed. 
  • Provide leadership in the camp’s Risk Management program.  
  • Supervise Health Assistant and/or first aid position.  
  • Develop a resource file and obtain information and/or literature concerning health in the camp community. 
  • Be responsible for contacting parents concerning the status of their child’s health by telephone in the following situations: any injury requiring an x-ray, illness requiring a health center stay and emergency treatment/accident, etc.  
  • Be knowledgeable of outside health resources. 
  • Evaluate medical services. 



The Camp Nurse has specific relationships with other health care staff which may include volunteer/staff physicians, EMT’s, or other designated medical staff.  General camp clean-up and housekeeping often identifies the relationship with the Camp Counselors and the Health Care Supervisor with reference to cleanliness and camper and staff health and to communicate specific health issues. 


Equipment Used: 

The health center has basic first aid supplies. Jaffrey EMS is 7 miles away from Wildwood Camp; we call them for support on anything above what our standing order outline.   

Job Requirements

  • Registered nurse (RN) with a license as required by New Hampshire state law.  

  • CPR certified. 

  • Current First aid certification and experience in first aid and emergency management. 

  • Driver’s license.  

  • Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care. 


27 Vining Road
Rindge NH 03461
United States
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