Camp Walt Whitman - Registered Nurse

Camp Walt Whitman
1000 Cape Moonshine Road
Piermont, NH 03779
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Job Description
What better place to share your nursing skills than in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?
In this majestic setting our camp nurses play an essential role in the care and safety of our whole camp: campers and staff alike.
Our six-person team of professionally licensed nurses works with our Athletic Trainer and full time in-residence doctor.
Your work schedule allows plenty of flexibility, allowing you the comfort and enjoyment of Walt Whitman's facilities.
Imagine wrapping up your shift with a refreshing swim in our lake or pool or reading a book while enjoying the afternoon sun.
Accommodations for our nursing staff provide some much needed privacy, as you will have a private room and a screened-in porch.
Our health center bustles with the daily bumps and bruises accumulated by kids having fun, along with treating other common ailments.
Camp Walt Whitman's nurses share the shift responsibilities in our health center.
Nurses are also responsible for the daily distribution of medication.
Along with these responsibilities, our nurses must constantly update charts, medical logs, camp books and supply inventory in the health center.
Our nurses arrange appointments with local doctors along with dental visits.
Communication with the parents of children under your care is essential.
Carolyn Dorfman
1000 Cape Moonshine Road
Piermont NH 03779
United States
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