Health Officer

McGaw YMCA Camp Echo
3782 S Triangle Trail
Fremont, MI 49412
United States

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Experience Required
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Employment Type
Summer Camp - Overnight
Work Schedule
Sleep-Away Camp
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Job Description

The Health Clinic team is comprised of three all-summer Health Officers with the support of a rotating Health Director-In-Residence. The Health Officers will work together to oversee all operations in Camp Echo’s health clinic. This includes medication administration and documentation, timely parent communication, maintaining inventory and cleanliness, supporting the onboarding of each Health Director-In-Residence, and working day-to-day in the clinic to make sure the operations run smoothly.




· Sets up the clinic at the beginning of the summer, including deep clean and restocking inventory

· Leads training session with summer staff reviewing basic health practices and clinic operations

· Examines health forms and notifies counselors and area heads of children with special needs or restrictions.

· Trains each Health Director-In-Residence in procedures and standing orders as they arrive at camp (day before a session)


· Accepts and stores all health forms and prescription drug forms for campers and staff.

· Examines health forms and notifies counselors and area heads of children with special needs or restrictions.

· Supervises check-in of all campers for the session. Accepts and stores all prescription drugs from campers and staff.

· Dispenses medications to campers and staff at meals and at bedtime.

· Handles sick call after breakfast and dinner, using appropriate first aid techniques and following standing orders.

· Ensures that counselors are prepared for overnights by taking appropriate medications and first aid kits.

· Ensures that the leader of any group of campers traveling off camp property has copies of health forms.

· Ensures that the first aid kits at program areas and in cabins are properly supplied and maintained.

· Monitors health practices of camp including food preparation, hand washing, showering, and hydration (ACA HW-3B.6)

· Supervises check-out of all campers for each session.



· Ensures timely cmmunicates with parents if and when:

  • a camper or minor staff member is confined to the clinic due to injury or illness for 12 hours or more.
  • a camper or minor staff member spends the night in the clinic.
  • a camper or minor staff member needs to see the Camp Physician or be taken to the Emergency Room.
  • camper or minor staff member is injured while using Camp Echo's equipment (i.e. horses, boats, bike, etc.)

· Communicates with children's physicians as needed.

·Communicates with the local physician and health clinics in Fremont, Grant, or White Cloud as needed.

· Communicates with the Summer Camps Director daily with an update on camper and staff health.

· Collaborates with MESH staff when campers or staff present with mental, emotional, or social health needs.

· Maintains official medical documentation by recording every clinic visitor, staff and camper. (ACA HW-21)

· Ensures accuracy and timeliness of official medical documentation reviewing on a weekly basis.

· Completes official reports of all incidents or injuries requiring professional medical treatment.

· Schedules follow up/specialist appointments for campers and staff, as needed.


· First responder during medical emergencies.

· Accompanies campers to hospital/urgent care in emergency situations.

· Works to keep clinic tidy by maintaining laundry facilities, dishes, and cleaning (i.e. sweeping, mopping, etc.)

· Maintains a clinic inventory. Communicates with Summer Camps Director and Town Run with regards to inventory and transporting campers and staff to local health clinics.

· Works with the other Health Officers to ensure coverage of the clinic at all times. (ACA HW-18)

· Supports the health-related protocols of Adventure Trips.

· Responsible for closing the clinic at the end of the summer, including packing up supplies and filing paperwork


· Models, teaches, and upholds the Camp Echo Code of Conduct and protects the well-being of all campers.

· Aids in the development and education of Leadership program participants.

· Maintains positive relationships with campers, parents and other staff.

· Encourages physical, emotional and spiritual growth and positive character development in all campers.

· Practices cultural humility, striving to actively learn about and be sensitive to cultures different than their own.

· Maintains the cleanliness of the living space (and office space) to which they are assigned.

· Cares for and maintains any program equipment, supplies and spaces they use including activity areas (and keeping track of keys) and any shared spaces like the Costume Closet and Staff Wellness Space.

· Handles whatever else is necessary to ensure that programs runs smoothly and safely, or is deemed necessary by the Camp Director.

· May be scheduled to work in-between sessions on at least one occasion to support the transition between groups.

Job Requirements
• Age 19 or older
• Certified Health Officer/WFR/EMT or higher (completed prior to start of Summer Season)
• Leadership ability and teamwork oriented
• A commitment to working with a diverse staff and camper population for the fulfillment of YMCA goals
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3782 S Triangle Trail
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