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26870 Moody Road
Los Altos Hills CA 94022
United States
Hidden Villa  Nicky Crummett
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Our programs promote an eagerness of learning about ourselves and others through a framework built on the respect of differences and our responsibility to make positive impacts on our families, communities, and the world. Life on the farm provides campers with the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of fun activities. Whether six or sixteen, youth explore our wilderness, investigate our garden, and participate in our social justice curriculum.

At all ages, we encourage youth to practice the skills of engaging their curiosity, thinking critically, and advocating for themselves and others. For example, staff working with our youngest campers are encouraged to model acceptance and self-expression through clothing choices that challenge gender stereotypes. Meanwhile, our teens in the Farm and Wilderness program may use their hands-on experience with farming to delve into the topic of immigrants’ rights in today’s society while learning about Hidden Villa’s connection to Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers movement.