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Kids in the Game

132 Nassau St Suite 310
New York NY 10038
United States
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Kids in the Game Cara Hudson
Our story started in 2003 with one coach and a dream. Michael Murphy always had a heart for youth sports and fitness, and he wanted to make sure every kid had the same opportunities as he did growing up. With a bag of used basketballs and soccer balls, Kids in the Game was born.

After years of on-the-ground coaching and meeting in hotel lobbies, Michael teamed up with Matt Murphy (and no, they aren’t related). Together, they have been building and growing what is now Kids in the Game. The outcome? Running programs in dozens of communities around New York City for over 25,000 kids. This includes everything from after-school, esports, competitive sports teams, and summer camps. Ultimately, we want to play today to change tomorrow.

The lessons we teach through sports do not stop with our kids. Kids in the Game as a company embodies those lessons everyday. This includes the notion that teamwork, collaboration, and some outside the box thinking is the key to success. In 2017, the leadership team of Kids in the Game did just that and founded a public charity, The Kids in the Game Foundation. The purpose of our foundation is to help address the opportunity gap caused by income inequality in New York City. While the two entities are separate businesses, they have been working together as a team since 2017 to reach all kids and pass along the lessons learned through sport.

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