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Summer Camp - Overnight
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Sleep-Away Camp
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Job Description
The camp nurse is part of a multifaceted team that works to provide every camper with a formative experience. The camp nurse works alongside the leadership team, which formally consists of the camp director, camp nurse, assistant directors, and lead instructor and residential counselor. The camp nurse manages all things medical, including but not limited to medication management, health forms, the health center, and minor and major medical emergencies. The camp nurse is also a resource to counselors and instructors as they tend to campers’ emotional needs. We are accepting applications from student nurses, EMTs in training, and graduates.


The camp nurse is supervised by the camp director, with the assistant camp directors’ help when needed. The practice of the camp nurse is supervised by the local doctor’s standing orders.

Employment Logistics

  • The pay is $7,000 for 7 weeks of full-time summer employment (includes one week prior to Session 1 for move-in and staff orientation)

    • It is possible to split up the season if prospects are not able to commit to the full 7 weeks

  • Room and board is 100% covered

  • Travel cost to and from camp is not covered by Girls Rock; this is each individual staffer’s responsibility

Job Requirements
Work Schedule & Physical Requirements

The camp nurse works 6 days/week and has one 24-hour period free from camp responsibilities, while still upholding expectations. The camp nurse’s work day starts with morning medication distribution. The nurse’s hours are dictated by the needs of camp. Morning and mid-day work hours include administrative meetings, class visits, and activity observation. Evenings consist of office hours, which are to be scheduled with the camp director. While the average amount of hours worked is 40–45 hours/week, this is a salaried position with hours worked varying from day to day. Outside of the scheduled times, the nurse can and should practice self-care, as well as participate in program activities such as workshops. Whether in the office or not, the camp nurse is expected to be available to respond to camp needs either in person or over the phone. The camp nurse is also on-call at night (based on a rotating duty schedule with other leadership team members) to tend to any camp needs while campers and most of the staff are getting their rest.

The camp nurse should be able to navigate a school campus in potentially intense temperatures and may occasionally need to move/lift heavy objects; however, one can always advocate for assistance. As job duties occur at all hours of the day, the camp nurse may not hold a secondary job or participate in course instruction without the camp director’s permission.

Additional Responsibilities
Additional responsibilities include but are by no means limited to:

Before students arrive:

Arrive to camp early to help with camp move-in and orient staff and campers, including planning and facilitating orientations

Review health forms and contact parents to create actions plans when necessary

Complete all required training

Once camp has begun:

Participate in Opening Day procedures and review health forms with parents upon arrival

Lead or facilitate orientation, staff meetings, assemblies, and workshops

Review all health forms and contact any parents who 1) did not complete health forms before camp or 2) need to answer additional questions concerning specific health needs

Disseminate pertinent information about a camper’s health needs, with safety and confidentiality as highest priorities

Work with camp director, assistant directors, and other staff as needed to create comprehensive approaches to health and behavioral concerns

Provide health care services to campers and asses when needs exceed the capacity of camp

Practice organized and thorough documentation of all care provided

Be on call at night as dictated by the rotating duty schedule with other members of the leadership team

Manage all medical resources in health center and inform assistant directors if/when more supplies are required

Manage all medication at camp and prepare plans for medication management when offsite

Review standing orders and work with local health care provider to fulfill requirements of standing orders

Remain prepared to step in for other staffers when they cannot fulfill their duties
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