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McGaw YMCA Camp Echo

3782 S Triangle Trail
Fremont MI 49412
United States
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McGaw YMCA Camp Echo Sarah Cort
The mission of the McGaw YMCA is to “promote growth in SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY through programs and services for all.” For Camp Echo participants of all ages, the spirit, mind, body notion is quite familiar. We speak of these equally important elements of our being throughout our programs and, in particular, at our closing campfires. We see the visual representation of these elements in the form of the triangle, in varying shapes, sizes, and locations.

Omnipresent in the Camp Echo context is the “for all” that closes the McGaw YMCA’s mission. These two simple words take on particular and invigorating meaning for the Camp Echo team. To us, FOR ALL means we are continuously making adjustments and reviewing policies, procedures, and practices to identify ways that we can provide positive, life-changing experiences to all young people in our community. From our registration process to the bus ride home, and everything in-between, we are focused on finding ways to better serve all of our youth. As part of our ongoing effort to maximize access to camp, you will notice that we have adjusted our registration process. I am confident that this year’s process is another important step on our ever evolving journey towards achieving the McGaw YMCA mission.

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