NP at Brevard Distance Runners Camp-Week 1

Brevard Distance Runners Camp
PO Box 1940
Brevard, NC 28712
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Job Start Date
Job End Date
Application Closing Date
$1,000.00 to $1,500.00 Per Week
Job Description

Our summer running camp requires 3 medical staff per week. We’re looking for a highly professional EMT,

RN, NP, PA or DR who is comfortable communicating with parents as well as tending to the needs of our

campers. A successful candidate will love working with kids (high school cross country runners) and be able to

handle high stress environments. A bonus would be a passion for running in the mountains of NC (encouraged

but not required)

Medical Staff Responsibilities (all in accordance with our standing orders):

● Arrive on Saturday before the camp session starts in accordance with our staff training schedule and

train the other staff members during staff training on epi pen use and emergency protocol

● Review the medical exam given to staff and review the answers with them after they have all passed (in


● Provide Wendi with a copy of your current license

● Read and understand BDRC’s medical protocol and standing orders from the Physician in charge

● Meet campers and parents at registration who have allergies and medications that they would like

administered by the DR/NP/RN. Keep prescription medicine locked in the medical cart, administer

medications to campers when necessary

● Introduce yourself to the coaches and campers at the general assembly and review important info on

ticks, office hours, etc-see Wendi for training coverage

● Keep office hours for treatment of blisters, bee stings, Band-Aids, etc. and maintain daily check in list of


● Administer supplies and medications listed on our standing orders to campers as needed

● Responsible for communicating with the athletic trainer or physical therapist if applicable

● One DR/NP/RN must be on campus at all times except for morning runs. The trail bosses will determine

what run you will go on-work with them directly if you have any specific needs or arrangement. All

DR/NP/RNs will go off campus for Friday’s graduation run, but one DR/NP/RN should go to the top

with the pointers to be there when the first camper arrives and one should stay down in the parking lot

for emergencies. When 3, you can decide. The rescue squad will also be in the parking lot with an ATV

in case of emergencies that require going up the trail for any injuries.

● Be on call at all hours during camp and accessible via cell phone-designate one on call DR/NP/RN for

emergencies after hours and make sure all staff/coaches are aware

● Communicate with urgent care doctors and ER doctors in case of camper emergencies

● Communicate with parents if their child has a medical sheet filled out

● Use BDRC van to transport kids to hospital or urgent care if their coach is not able or they do not have


● Fill & monitor water coolers for campers to fill up water bottles and fill up ice bags to leave in cooler

when the clinic is closed on gym lobby counter

● Document ALL care given to campers. Create and contribute to camper’s medical records

● Respond to inquiries or concerns from campers and their parents or guardians pertaining to medical care

● Stock the medical bag and fanny packs with medical supplies for all runs. Maintain inventory of the

packs and bags and track them down if they are missing.

● Update index cards in fanny packs for lists of supplies in the fanny packs

● Utilize our online database to access medical records and medical insurance cards for allergies,

medications, and insurance cards for doctor/hospital visits

● Track and maintain medical supply inventory and alert Wendi when something is low or needs to be


● Week 1 DR/NP/RNs: Unpack all medical supplies, go through/stock fanny packs & jump bags and alert

Wendi of anything needed. She will give you the camp card to go buy. Also let the office know where

the key to the medical cart is

● Week 3 DR/NP/RNs: Pack all medical supplies safely for proper storage over the next year. Give any

expired medications, the EpiPens, Bear Mace and a list of ending inventory/things to order for next year

to Wendi

● All DR/NP/RNs post camp, provide Wendi with feedback and suggested edits to the list of standing

orders/medications that will improve future

Medical Staff will be provided with:

● Check in list for registration of camper’s current conditions, medications and allergies (double check for

current medical conditions)

● List of campers, team name, cell phone and room #

● List of coaches by team name and cell phone #s

● List of staff members with medical certifications and cell phone #s

● Training on accessing medical insurance cards and parental consent waivers to print before off campus


● A key to the Training Room

● A key to the Medical Cart

● A key to the Gym for emergencies

● A key card with access to all dorms

● A key to the Witek room to access the medical documents and to print

● Check in list for campers to sign in when they come into the clinic

● Fanny Pack check in/check out sheet

● Medical treatment forms to be filled out by the staff who treated a camper outside of the normal “check

list” items

● If possible: a JC to assist with filling ice bags, organizing supplies, helping where needed

BDRC Medical Staff Requirements:

● 5+ years experience preferred

● Valid NC license (BDRC will pay if you do not have) or eNLC license

● Working knowledge of healthcare laws and regulation

● Willingness to work flexible schedule

● Excellent communication skills

Depending on experience and qualifications, BDRC will pay a salary plus provide room and board, gear, and a

pair of Adidas shoes. We do not cover travel but your accountant can advise on deductibility. All earnings

become the responsibility of the staff member in reporting your income according to Federal and State Income

Tax Laws. The camp will send a 1099 form to all personnel who earn more than $600. Staff members of the

Brevard Distance Runners Camp, Inc. are Independent Contractors as defined by the “Workman’s

Compensation Act” and are not covered by Workman’s Comp.

Job Requirements

NC or Compact License + see above 

Wendi Witek
PO Box 1940
Brevard NC 28712
United States
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