Nurse Assistant - Work in the Beautiful San Juan Islands!

Camp Nor'wester
Johns Island
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
From $3,000 To $3,500
Per Year    
Employment Type
Summer Camp - Overnight
Work Schedule
Sleep-Away Camp
No Travel

Job Description
Now is your chance to work in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State!
We are an 86-yr old summer camp that offers two, one-month sessions. We are looking for a Nurse Assistant who loves working with kids, appreciates nature and the beauty of rustic living, and brings a strong desire to help our campers have a meaningful and healthy summer!
Contract dates for Summer 2021 are negotiable - please contact us for more information. 

Camp Nor'wester

Summer Staff Opportunity – Nurse’s Assistant


Minimum Qualifications for any Position at Camp Nor’wester

1.       A genuine interest in working/living with and teaching children

2.       Ability to relate to one's peer group

3.       Ability to accept supervision and guidance

4.       Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control

5.       Good character, integrity, and adaptability

6.       Current CPR and First Aid Certification


Minimum Qualifications for Nurse’s Assistant

1.       Currently enrolled in AN or BSN program or certified EMT preferred

2.       Experience with children and young adults desirable

3.       Ability to assist in originating, updating, and/or monitoring health care, maintain records, and implementing the health care plan

4.       Desire to work and live in a camp community

5.       Sense of humor

6.       Ability to handle stress and work on a team

7.       Advanced or Wilderness First Aid preferred

8.       Desired minimum age 19


Camp Goals

·         Establish a wholesome community based on trust, respect and appreciation for others.

·         Support personal development in the areas of maturity, self-confidence, respect for others and themselves

·         Encourage the acquisition and development of recreational and work skills

·         Provide the opportunity to develop an appreciation and respect for the natural surroundings


Accountable To:  Camp Nurse and Camp Directors


General Responsibility

To maintain the health center facilities and care systems of the camp

Specific Responsibilities

 To assist the Camp Nurse in the following duties:

1.       Clean and prepare health center for use; remove brush from paths to and from the HC

2.       Prepare, and restock as needed, first aid kits for all units, departments, and out-camp trips

3.       Inventory all supplies at the beginning of the season and notify directors of purchases needed

4.       Check unit showers and bathrooms for cleanliness weekly. 

5.       Keep health center clean

6.       Order supplies as necessary to replenish stock (through director), keeping track of all additions to inventory

7.       Follow appropriate medical routines including record keeping in the daily medical log, disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications, and utilizing approved standing orders.

8.       Promote the use of, collect and organize accident/incident reports for use in risk-management assessment

9.       Keep Directors informed of significant illnesses, injuries and treatments

10.   Clean health center at the end of the season

11.   At the end of the season, wash and store bed and pillow linens

12.   At the end of the season, label and store all equipment/supplies.  Keep outdated or near outdated medications in separate box for disposal or give away

13.   Inventory supplies at the end of the season and determine what needs to be ordered for the following year

14.   Prepare a summary of the camp season from the nursing perspective indicating procedures used and their effectiveness, and make recommendations for the following season.


General Responsibility

To educate and train staff in appropriate health care and first aid procedures

Specific Responsibilities

As directed by the Camp Nurse assist in the following duties:

1.       Assist in first aid presentation during staff training

2.       Make presentation to staff on Blood Borne Pathogens and Universal Precautions


General Responsibility

To provide health care and health supervision of campers and staff; supervise health and cleanliness standards.

Specific Responsibilities

As directed by the Camp Nurse assist in the following duties:

1.       Review all camper and staff health forms for possible allergies to foods, medications, and/or pollen.  If some are found; notify the kitchen, directors, and counselors.

2.       Talk with parents of campers who have special health problems

3.       Meet with each camper at the beginning of the session to discuss medications, and health concerns and to check for head lice

4.       Visit with all units to check campers for obvious health needs

5.       Collect all medications from campers

6.       Distribute all medications during meals; have medications prepared ahead of time for overnights, outcamp trips, or other times when campers will not be at meals

7.       Have "office hours" after meals to see campers with medical/nursing non-emergency needs

8.       Make judgments regarding the necessity of sending campers to the doctor or dentist; check with Camp Directors before doing so

9.       Isolate campers who may be infectious

10.   Contact parents/guardians of campers needing outside medical attention; or if admitted to Health   Center for over 12 hours or overnight.

11.   Prepare forms needed to accompany campers/staff to clinic

12.   Prepare forms needed to accompany campers/staff on off-island trips or overnights.


General Responsibility

To supervise and participate with campers

Specific Responsibilities

1.       To participate in unit and camp activities when available, and to assist unit staff at all times when department duties are not in effect

2.       To share interests and skills that contribute to a wholesome, positive learning atmosphere

3.       To act as unit relief staff at the direction of the Administrative Staff



1.       Ability to assist campers and staff in an emergency (fire, injury, evacuation)

2.       Cognitive and communication abilities to relay health and emergency information in writing and by  phone to physician and parents

3.       Physical ability to transfer patients

4.       Visual ability to read prescriptions and health forms

5.       Ability to dispense medications

6.       Visual ability to observe unspoken symptoms and other non-verbal cues about health and well-being.

7.       Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.


Job Requirements
* Desire to work in an incredible community of people
* Interest/experience in the healthcare field helpful
* Minimum age 19, but 21+ preferred
Camp Nor'wester
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Edmonds WA 98020
United States
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