Nurse Manager

Camp Loyaltown/Citizens Options Unlimited, Inc.
189 Wheatley Road
Brookville, NY 11545
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required

Job Description
Registered nurses work fulltime, on site in Hunter NY. RN’s work in a complete and mutually supportive team with the Cabin Counselors, Program Staff, Kitchen Staff, and Administration, and campers to ensure that the campers (and staff) are safe and healthy during their stay at Loyaltown.

The following is an outline of the responsibilities of Camp Loyaltown’s Registered Nurses:

Assume responsibility for the review of medical records, preparation and administration of daily medications to the assigned unit
Maintain ongoing communication with camper’s family/guardian, and/or residential setting regarding ongoing health issues/concerns
Participate in daily activity of running the clinic portion of the infirmary. To follow routine first aid/triage approach to care of campers and staff
Participate in daily activities of running the in-patient portion of the infirmary
Make arrangements at local Doctor’s office if condition requires an office visit
Follow up with urgent care, emergency room, or hospital to keep up to date medical information, and plan appropriate care in the event of illness/injury
Make arrangements at local pharmacy to obtain prescriptions/supplies
Take night call and/or backup call as schedule requires
Respond to all emergencies/seizures/falls occurring on camp
Participate in orientation education activities
Administer Hepatitis B Vaccines
Obtain and maintain Health Records for staff
Collect and manage all staff medications
Assist staff with completion of insurance paperwork
Physical Aspects may include but are not limited to lifting and transferring of an adult/child participant.
Job Requirements
New York State Professional Nursing Certification.
CPR/AED Certification.
Camp Loyaltown/Citizens Options Unlimited, Inc.
Diane Makowski
189 Wheatley Road
Brookville NY 11545
United States
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