Pali Institute Camp Nurse

Running Springs, CA 92382
United States

Job Start Date
Job End Date
From $21 To $21.00
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description


Essential Functions/Duties 

·       Provide and oversee care to campers and staff in accordance with the Pali Treatment Procedures.  

·       Conduct weekly reviews of incoming camper health histories with an emphasis on current illnesses and allergies. 

·       Oversee and conduct health screenings for incoming campers and staff. 

·       Communicating health needs of campers to instructors and administration as needed. 

·       Administration and record keeping of prescription and over the counter medication  

·       Providing first aid for minor injuries and illnesses. 

·       Referring more serious issues to the appropriate medical personnel. 

·       Maintaining accurate health logs and incident report logs. 

·       Communicate with parents in regard to health concerns. 

·       Maintain a clean, healthy, and warm environment in the infirmary. 

·       Keep clean and prepped sick beds. 

·       Order and keep in stock all over the counter medications. 

·       Stay up to date on staff personnel medical information and histories. 

·       Box and organize all camper health forms for storage.  

·       Manage health kits for instructor field use. 

·       Staff members are entrusted with the care and safety of young children in a rustic setting replete with natural and man-made dangers.  All staff members must have the ability to respond immediately to an emergency.  Any staff member with a disability that may affect the Staff Member’s ability to physically perform these requirements should immediately inform the Human Resources Department to determine possible reasonable accommodations. 

·       All campers should feel comfortable, safe and included. 

·       The staff member (if 21 and older) may be required to transport campers in camp vehicles in a safe acceptable manner, obeying all posted safety regulations. 

·       Practice clean communication. 

·       Adhere to camp dress code policy. 

·       Staff member will not give campers their real names before, during or after their employment contract ends. 

·       Camp staff must under no circumstance be under the influence, or in possession, of any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. 


Skills Required 

·       California LVN license required.  

·       Experience in pediatric, school, camp, outpatient, or emergency care is preferred.  

·       Effectively relate with school age children in a positive and supportive manner. 

·       Instruct and supervise school age children in a residential summer camp setting. 

·       Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers in the summer camp program. 

·       Understand and apply pertinent personnel policies, laws, rules, and regulations. 

·       Ability to handle acute homesickness.  


Clean Communication 

·       The staff member, to help insure a positive and healthy work environment, will not gossip about campers, counselors and supervisors.   

·       Complaints and concerns go UP the chain of command.   

·       Camp staff will not use objectionable language. 

·       A positive attitude is a must!!! 

·       Staff members will always ask for help when they need it. 

·       Staff members will always ask questions if they do not understand.  

·       The staff member in a position of responsibility must always think before they act. 


The job description should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the only duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for this job.  Incumbent may be required to follow any related instructions, acquire related job skills and perform other related work as required by the camp director or his/ her designees. 

The staff member will perform all duties as assigned by the camp director or their designee.   

The staff member agrees to follow all camp rules, regulations and policies stated here, in the staff contract and in the staff manuals (available through Workbright). 

The staff member is expected to maintain standards of mandatory reporting. This includes reporting all questionable incidents pertaining to a child or staff member’s actions.