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YMCA Camp Woodstock

42 Camp Road
Woodstock Valley CT 06282
United States
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YMCA Camp Woodstock Anthony Gronski

Camp can’t be a fun, learning environment unless it is safe for everyone. Not only are Camp staff trained to be vigilant about a campers’ physical safety, but we are committed to creating an atmosphere of inclusion that cares for campers’ emotional safety as well. Camp Woodstock is accredited by both the State of Connecticut as well as by the American Camping Association.


As “The Friendship Camp”, we strive to help our campers make friends and build new and different relationships with one another at every juncture throughout the day. We create time for campers to get to know each other, both in the cabin and in activities, and we emphasize the importance of getting to know other campers and staff from a variety of cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.


Not only do we want our camper to develop stronger relationships with each other, but we endeavor to help them get to know themselves better and appreciate their own self-worth and part of a larger community. This is done through providing them with leadership opportunities, cooperation experiences, skill refinement and the support and feedback of a positive camp staff.

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