About This Camp

Campus Kids Weekday Sleep-Away Camp Jeremy Berse
Campus Kids is the weekday sleep-away camp. Campers are at camp Monday through Friday, but we take them home Friday night to be with their families for the weekend, then back to camp again Monday morning. Otherwise, we are a traditional private sleep-away camp offering a wide variety of sports, fine arts and performing arts. Each camper chooses his/her own activities every day, so the program is very responsive to individual needs. We seek two R.N.'s to be in residence (though you don't have to stay on the weekends). Our camp is located on the campus of Blair Academy, a distinguished boarding school that provides outstanding facilities and comfortable accommodations. Start date for nurses is flexible: approximately June 15. End date is August 12. ACA-Accredited since our first summer in 1991. NJ DOH-licensed.

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