Registered Nurse

Mountain Camp Woodside
302 Portola Road
Portola Valley, CA 94028
United States

Employment Type
Summer Camp - Overnight

Job Description
This position is :
 Full-Time – Will live and work at the camp for the duration of the summer including staff training and camp pack-up. (Approximately 9 weeks.)

1. Pre-Arrival camper health form review
2. Establishing health needs during camper arrival time
3. Overall health and well-being of campers and staff
4. Medication administration
5. Illness and injury management
6. Overnight on-call hours
7. Activate urgent care or higher level of care if needed
8. Communication with parents
9. Health care documentation
10.Transport campers as needed

General Responsibility:
To be the camp nurse: to provide first aid care for campers and staff, overseeing the
administration of medications to campers and staff, coordinating visits to a physician when
needed, monitoring health and cleanliness standards, organizing paper work and maintaining
file organization. Work with the summer camp director and various staff, help provide adequate
physical health conditions for all, and assist staff with tasks as necessary.
Responsibilities include:
1. Ensure each staff member and camper has on file a health history and examination
form, as required.
a. Be on-site for Resident Camp check-in on Sunday afternoon to review health
histories and other medical forms.
2. Set up and run a system of health screenings for arriving campers, staff and backpack
a. Screening of incoming Resident Campers on Sunday afternoon
b. “Spot” screening of incoming Day Campers on Monday morning
3. Organize all camper medication and set up “dispensing system” with Boys’ and Girls’
medication binders with instructions.
a. Organizing all of our Resident camper medications for dispensing that week
(Sunday afternoon)
b. Organize incoming Day camper medication if necessary
c. Be the point of contact with parents when receiving medication and their
dispensing instructions.
4. Conduct inventory of supplies and place orders when necessary, ensuring timely arrival
of supplies.
5. Establish and follow appropriate medical routines, including record keeping in daily
medical log, disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications, and
utilizing approved standing orders.
6. Be on the camp property during camper check-ins (Sunday afternoon and Monday
mornings). Be “on call” when not on camp property (on nights off).
7. Make appointments, when necessary, with medical/dental offices in the local
8. Check, maintain, and issue first aid kits when needed.
9. Participate in and lead specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and
safety, CPR, first aid, and use of universal precautions for infectious control.
10.Keep accident/incident reports that can be used for risk-management assessment.
a. Organize and log incident reports into medical log (maybe be an online log)
11. Care for ill or injured campers or staff
12.Providing First Aid for minor injuries and illnesses
a. Cuts, scrapes and bruises
b. Bee stings
c. Dehydration and sunburn
d. Home sickness
13.Prepare a summary and evaluation of the camp summer season including inventories,
staff evaluations, camper reports on health problems, and make recommendations for
the following summer season.
14.Monitor health of all staff.
15.Be a medical resource that would bridge the gap between basic medical knowledge and
calling 911. (Sometimes we just need someone with medical knowledge to tell us what
to do when it's not a 911-emergency.)
16.Monitor/evaluate camp procedures, facilities, and conditions and suggest modifications
that would create more healthful conditions at camp.
17.These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and
other duties may be assigned as required.
18.Perform Program Support duties as needed
Job Requirements
• Licensed to practice as a nurse in the state of California
• Pediatric or camp experience, a plus
• Ability to manage health forms and paperwork
• Enjoy working with kids aged 5 -15 years
• Hard-working, enthusiastic and committed to the safety and well-being of campers
• Adaptable and comfortable living in a camp setting and interacting positively with other
camp staff.
• Good communicator with campers, staff and parents.
• Friendly, happy, with a good sense of humor (laughter can be the best medicine!)
• Ability to originate, update, and/or monitor healthcare, maintain records, implement a
health plan
• Ability to make decisions and take initiative
• Able to drive within the state of California

LVN or RN preferred
• State of California Registered Nursing License, Active
• Certification in PALS, CPR, and ACLS
• Pediatric experience preferred
• Previous camp experience preferred
• Must be able to drive a camp vehicle. (To transport campers to emergency treatment
locations, dentist, or doctor appointments in addition to general camper transportation.)
• Ability to lift or assist campers or staff

Mountain Camp Woodside
Dave Brown
302 Portola Road
Portola Valley CA 94028
United States
Mountain Camp Woodside Dave Brown