Registered Nurse

Boulder Ridge Day Camp
104 Goose Green Rd
Barkhamsted, CT 06063-5007
United States
Summer Day Camp
Day Camp
Job Start Date
Job End Date
$750.00 to $800.00 Per Week
Job Description

-  Provide appropriate, timely interventions in the event of camper/staff illness or injury

-  Review health records and note special precautions or interventions prescribed

-  Maintain an Infirmary/First Aid Station for campers during regular camp hours.

-  Maintain a written daily log of visits to the infirmary

-  Complete accident and medical reports as necessary

-  Serve as a primary contact for parents regarding the health needs of their children

-  Oversee the administration of all medical services on the camp grounds

-  Maintain and update medical files for each camper and staff member attending camp

-  Inform camp staff of any special medical problems or needs of any camper

-  Train camp staff in regard to health and safety concerns and health emergency


-  Maintain an fully stocked and available inventory of all medical supplies

-  Insure that First Aid supplies are readily available at all areas of camp and for all

programs, including the pools, riding, archery, field trips, overnights and any other high

risk areas

-  Maintain insurance records, a daily health log, and an end-of-season health and safety


-  Provide communication to families when necessary

-  Enforce established safety regulations

-  Identify and manage environmental and other hazards related to camp

-  Assist in the set up equipment and activity area prior to the start of camp

-  Monitor and ensure compliance of the respective program area to American Camp

Association and state/local standards

-  Coordinate training sessions and enforce established safety regulations

-  Apply emergency health care procedures related when necessary

-  Turn in inventory and store camp equipment at end of season if necessary

-  Sign in and out daily in the camp office

-  Maintain a friendly and professional relationships with all camp staff and parents

-  Participation in staff training sessions as necessary and daily staff meetings

-  Other duties assigned as needed


Heather Hinman
104 Goose Green Rd
Barkhamsted CT 06063-5007
United States
Boulder Ridge Day Camp Heather Hinman
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