Registered Nurses

Cheley Colorado Camps
PO Box 6525 601 Steele Street
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United States

Employment Type
Sleep Away Camp

Job Description
Medical Team
Five Registered Nurses staff our four Wellness Centers each summer. The nurses have the overall responsibility for the health care in their respective units. This includes speaking to campers and staff about preventative health care, storing, distributing and recording of all camper medications, treating illnesses and triage for the camp’s doctor. They work with the campers and staff to address health needs. Nurses must be in good physical condition and be currently licensed to practice. The camp works closely with local physicians at a medical clinic, and small hospital.

In addition, we have some weeks with a licensed physician volunteering at the camp.

We also employ two Nurse’s Aides to assist our nurses. Typically these staff members are in nursing school or are persuing a career in the medical field.
Cheley Colorado Camps
Kim Betts
PO Box 6525 601 Steele Street
Denver CO 80206
United States
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