Residental Camp Nurse (OHIO)

Cleveland Sight Center - Highbrook Lodge
12944 Aquilla Rd
Chardon, OH 44024
United States

Job Start Date
Job End Date
Application Closing Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
From $4,000 To $6,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Summer Camp - Overnight
Work Schedule
Sleep-Away Camp
No Travel

Job Description
Highbrook Lodge hires exceptional people to do exceptional work.
We are looking for qualified applicants to join our team for our 2020 summer season. This job is temporary (July 6 - August 8) and residential – meaning you’ll live on-site with us. We also occasionally offer additional paid weekend opportunities in September, October, and February, too. 
As a member of the Highbrook Lodge team, you will be instrumental in ensuring that our summer camp (located in Chardon, OH) is providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all. You’ll have fun, laugh, make friends, cultivate skills and learn while making a difference in the lives of our campers.
Applicants should be interested in:
  • Working with people who have vision loss or blindness, and other special needs
  • Working in a residential, outdoor and communal setting
  • Serving diverse individuals of all ages (0-99) and abilities
Applicants should be:
  • Empathetic, independent, and problem solvers
  • Team players and willing to be apart of a special, close-knit community
  • Invested in making a difference in the lives of others
  • Positive, tenacious, and fun-loving.
About Highbrook Lodge:
Highbrook Lodge has been providing quality summer camp experiences for young people, families, and adults for over 90 years. Since our foundation in 1928 by the Cleveland Sight Center, we’ve envisioned a future where those living with vision loss or blindness feel that they can always come together – summer after summer – to a tranquil and safe place that is bound by a diverse community, enthralling opportunities for play and fun, and an unwavering commitment to empowerment for all.
We aim to use our summer camp setting to empower our campers to foster meaningful relationships, increase levels of independence, take risks, and seek adventures within nature.
To achieve our mission, we host multiple day, weekend, and week-long sessions over the summer to meet the specific needs, ages, interests, and abilities of our campers. During these sessions we strive to offer many traditional summer camp activities – such as canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, and outdoor camping. Because many of our campers also have special needs in addition to their vision loss and blindness, we work hard to adapt all of our activity offerings so everyone one of our campers can have a safe, interesting, and memorable experience at Highbrook.
Our camp is located on a 60+ acre property in Chardon, Ohio -- close to Cleveland and Lake Erie. Highbrook Lodge has accessible facilities; a heated swimming pool; countless trails and sports fields; comfortable sleeping arrangements; and even an outdoor bowling lane! We are owned and operated by the Cleveland Sight Center.
This is truly a rewarding job that takes a lot of energy, creativity, flexibility, and patience.
Benefits for you:
Behind all of the fun, you’ll develop skills that future employers really want to see on your resume – like strong communication abilities, critical thinking and problem solving; interpersonal and leadership skills; collaboration and teamwork; and creativity.
You’ll also gain invaluable experience working with a diverse population of individuals. We provide internship opportunities, too.
You will be provided with room and board, too – meaning all housing, meals, laundry, and utilities will be covered. You’ll also receive professional development opportunities, certifications, letters of recommendation, and a paycheck!
Job Description
Camp Nurse
ROOM/BOARD/MEALS/PAY: Private room, board and meals are included in addition to pay.
POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Oversees the health care of all campers and staff.
BASIC FUNCTION: Provide nursing care to campers while at camp including routine daily care and emergency care. Daily care includes medication administration, routine nursing needs, diabetic care, seizure care, and supervision of dietary needs for campers (as required). Emergencies that arise may range from mildly acute to serious medical emergencies.
  1. Work with individuals of all ages with disabilities, especially those with vision loss and blindness, in an outdoor setting and communal environment.
  2. Maintain confidentiality of information received about campers.
  3. Communicate verbally and in writing, prepare reports and evaluations, read instructions, manuals and camper information, and participate in staff meetings.
  4. Assist campers (60-300lbs.) with transfers from a wheelchair to a bed, chair and/or toilet.
  5. Assist campers with personal activities of daily living (toileting, bathing, eating, mobility, dressing, etc.…) as needed.
  6. Lift and carry equipment, supplies and/or camper luggage weighing 50lbs over 30 yards.
  7. Read and interpret health forms, doctor notes, standing orders and medication labels.
  8. Apply knowledge of nursing skills to care for the daily and emergency health care needs of campers and staff.
  9. Maintain and monitor the overall health, wellness, and safety of the camp community.
  10. Honor curfews, schedules, policies, and procedures of Highbrook Lodge; including camp nursing program and procedures.
  11. Help maintain a healthy camp environment through daily camp clean up including sweeping, vacuuming, emptying trash, cleaning toilets, sinks, showers, etc. as needed.
  12. Have the mobility and capacity to independently orientate oneself around campgrounds; possess the ability to provide own signature.
  1. Familiarize self with standing orders signed by Physician annually.
  2. Read and familiarize self with camper health histories and physician physical sheets. Share need-to-know information with Camp Manager, Leadership Team and/or Cabin Leaders.
  3. Screen all campers and staff upon arrival at camp.
  4. Collect medications, store, and manage all camper and staff medication; at the end of the camp session, return meds to campers and/or caregivers.
  5. Pour and dispense medication and injections following written prescription or over-the-counter instructions to campers. Document all medication administered on MAR’s sheet.
  6. Provide nursing care for minor injuries including dispensing over-the-counter, non-prescribed drugs for staff and campers. Document all medication given on MAR’s sheet.
  7. Evaluate and make recommendations regarding health care needs if campers and/or staff condition would indicate this to be appropriate.
  8. Provide emergency nursing care for campers, staff, and visitors, including calling 911 or arranging transportation to a local hospital if needed.
  9. Communicate daily updates of overall health and wellness of campers and staff to Leadership Team.
  10. Maintain detailed, real time written health log documentation for campers and staff.
  11. Ensure first aid kits around camp are continually stocked with appropriate supplies.
  12. Ensure Nurse’s Office is continually stocked with over-the-counter medications and necessary medical supplies. Request more from Camp Manager if needed.
  13. Keep Nurse’s Office and attached bedroom/bathroom clean and tidy at all times.
  14. During staff orientation and at in-services assist in educating the staff on their role in health care and how to handle specific health and medical needs.
  15. Communicate with the families/caregivers of campers and/or other medical professionals as needed.
  16. Perform other duties and tasks that will be assigned that are within the scope and responsibility of the Camp Nurse position.
Job Requirements
Required Skills and Experience:
Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) in State of Ohio; BSN preferred. First Aid, CPR and AED certified.
Experience: Previous experience as a Nurse, particularly as a community-based Nurse. Previous experience with individuals with disabilities is preferred.
Skills/Knowledge: Large volume medication dispensing; basic nursing diagnostic skills; knowledge of diabetic care (including giving insulin); seizure care; and knowledge of CPAP machines. The Candidate should possess the ability to remain calm in pressure situations; the ability to take charge of a medical emergency situation; excellent bedside manner; and a valid driver’s license.
General: Must demonstrate maturity and responsibility; time management; and organizational skills. Must have the ability to be a self-starter who can work independently and as a team. Must demonstrate good judgment and integrity; strong social and communication skills. Ability to learn and grow in the position through constructive feedback from supervisors. Ability to live at camp from June-August minimal time off.
Physical: Ability to transfer a camper between 60-300lbs with assistance. Ability to read and follow directions on medication labels, health forms, standing orders and physician forms. Ability to verbally communicate with campers, families, caregivers, and staff. Ability to observe and assess sanitation and safety conditions. Endurance needed to meet emergency needs. Ability to walk long distances. Ability and stamina to work in a fast-paced environment and endure long, irregular hours in a position that is both physically and emotionally demanding. Exposure to cleaning agents and medical sharps.
Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and FBI fingerprint check
Off Days: July 11 - 12; July 18-19; July 25-26.