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Here’s why camp nursing is the perfect summer job for healthcare professionals.

Explore the evolution of camp nursing from its early days to modern times, highlighting its growing roles, advancements, and critical impact on camper safety.

Camp Sequoia isn't just a summer camp—it's a community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Camp Green Lane's Medical Staff have a profound impact on the campers they meet over the suumer.

Joining a camp as a nurse means becoming an essential part of a community. The gratitude you receive from everyone you help — campers, staff, and parents alike — is immensely fulfilling.

Explore the 2024 summer camp nurse shortage and how camps can find qualified staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Discover solutions for addressing this challenge.

Comprehensive list of questions that will help a camp nurse candidate gain a thorough understanding of the role, expectations, and environment they are considering.

Exploring Camp Nurse Compensation: Average Monthly and Weekly Earnings Across the U.S.

Explore the practical benefits of early staff hiring, from securing top talent to effective planning. Dive into our guide for a smoother, more successful summer operation.

A guide to recruiting the best nurse for your summer camp, ensuring every camper and staff member has a go-to for their healthcare needs.

In this article, we explore the reasons behind the struggle to find nurses for summer camps and the potential implications it has on camper safety and well-being. emerges as a valuable solution in the face of the ongoing shortage of summer camp nurses.

What does a camp nurse typically do?

Average Camp Nurse Salaries

Pure logic or even common sense are not necessarily operative when considering your needs and wants.

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A guide to summer camp for Parents and Kids

You're interested in becoming a nurse. How do you get into the field?

Pick up this book before you pack your duffle

We can never have enough ideas or examples of what works to appreciate and recognize staff.

Questions That Help Identify Successful Candidates

We bring camps and healthcare professionals together

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