Camp Nurse Job Description


Camp nurses have a variety of daily tasks. They must collect immunization records and conduct health assessments before the camp starts, work with the camp staff and administration to order and maintain necessary medical supplies and equipment, and treat campers and staff during the duration of the camp. This may include treating injuries like sprained ankles, cuts, bee stings, and burns, or handling illnesses such as fevers and colds. Camp nurses also often deal with bedwetting in younger children, as well as emotional problems such as homesickness. Aside from these routine tasks, camp nurses must be vigilant about contagious outbreaks such as chicken pox and conjunctivitis which could affect a large number of campers.

Job Description (Example)

  • Conduct pre-camp health assessments
  • Maintain health office and equipment
  • Order medical supplies
  • Treat campers and staff who show signs of illness (flu, foodborne illness or allergies, etc.)
  • Provide first aid to campers and staff with injuries (sprained or broken bones, cuts, burns, etc.)
  • Provide assistance with emotional support (bullying, homesickness, etc.)
  • Have a plan in place for any communicable disease outbreaks
  • Administer medications as needed
  • Provide education on applicable health topics, such as sunburn and bug bite prevention
  • Take care of paperwork and documentation