Questions for a Camp Nurse to ask during an interview

  1. Type of Camp and Focus:

    • "What type of camp(s) do you operate (residential, day, family, weekend)?"
    • "Is there a particular focus for your camp (sport, art, special needs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts)?"
  2. Camp Accreditation and Standards:

    • "Is the camp accredited (does the camp meet a minimum of health, wellness, and risk management standards)?"
  3. Organizational Structure and Supervision:

    • "Can you share information about the chain of command and who is the camp nurse’s direct supervisor?"
    • "How do the camp director and the camp nurse work together?"
  4. Daily Routine and Activities:

    • "What does a typical day look like at camp?"
  5. Healthcare Team and Resources:

    • "Are there other healthcare providers at camp? Who is part of the healthcare team?"
    • "What are common illnesses or injuries that present to the health center?"
    • "Do we have a prescriber that provides oversight and/or acts as a resource?"
  6. Camp Nurse Responsibilities:

    • "What is the camp nurse's responsibility for staff?"
  7. Emergency Protocols and Health Plan:

    • "Does the camp have emergency protocols?"
    • "Does the camp have a health plan?"
  8. Staff Training and Health Education:

    • "What kind of health training do camp staff receive?"
    • "Am I responsible for providing any health education to campers or staff?"
  9. Camp Environment and Facilities:

    • "Can you describe the living conditions and medical facilities available at the camp?"
    • "What kind of equipment and supplies are available in the health center?"
  10. Camper Demographics and Special Needs:

  • "What is the age range of the campers?"
  • "Does the camp accommodate campers with special medical needs or disabilities?"
  1. Health Screening and Medication Management:

    • "How is health screening for campers conducted upon arrival?"
    • "What is the process for managing and administering medications to campers?"
  2. Communication and Parent Interaction:

    • "How is communication handled between the health center, camp staff, and parents?"
    • "What is the protocol for informing parents about their child's health issues during camp?"
  3. Emergency Response and Transportation:

    • "How far is the nearest hospital or emergency medical facility?"
    • "What transportation is available for medical emergencies?"
  4. Nurse's Role in Camp Activities:

    • "Will I be participating in camp activities alongside campers?"
    • "How does the nurse's role integrate with the overall camp experience?"
  5. Work Schedule and Time Off:

    • "What are the working hours and shifts for the camp nurse?"
    • "Is there scheduled time off, and how is it managed?"
  6. Professional Development and Support:

    • "Are there opportunities for professional development or continuing education?"
    • "What type of support is available for the camp nurse in terms of mentorship or peer networking?"
  7. Feedback and Evaluation:

    • "How is feedback given to the camp nurse regarding performance?"
    • "Are there formal evaluation processes in place?"