Why spend your summer at Camp Green Lane?



Why spend your summer at Camp Green Lane?
When you think of summer camp, you think of campfires and canoes, cabins and counselors. At Camp Green Lane, our nurses serve an integral role within our camp community every bit as important as all the other elements you'd traditionally associate with the camping experience.
CGL nurses are caregivers, first and foremost. Camp comes with lots of amazing experiences, but camp is also a place where bumps and scrapes are common. Bees sting and the sun can burn. So, our nurses are there to care and comfort and get campers back where they belong—healthy and happy and at play with their friends.
But it's more than that.
Being a nurse at camp can be a magical experience. It's unlike any job you've had. For seven weeks, it's immersive. For the right person, camp can be transformative. You'll work with like-minded adults and incredible young people in a fun, unique environment, where lifelong friendships are forged and unforgettable memories are made. 

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