Summer Camp Nurse

Brown Ledge Camp
71 Brown Ledge Rd
Colchester, VT 05446
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Start Date
Job End Date
$1,250.00 Per Week
Job Description

Position Purpose: The camp nurse oversees all health care needs of the campers and staff. This includes doing health screenings, supervising medication administration, treating minor injuries and illness, keeping excellent records of treatments, accompanying campers to the doctor, and communicating with parents. The nurse lives on-campus.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Pre-camp health screens on all staff and campers-  incoming, switchover, and outgoing

  • Read staff and camper health documentation and be aware of significant issues
  • Screen all staff within 24 hours of their arrival
  • Screen campers on arrival day, at switchover times, and the day prior to end of session
  • Relay all pertinent health information to the appropriate staff
  • Conduct camper lice checks weekly

2. Provide primary assessment and care for the health needs of all campers and staff

  • Assess any camper or staff who complains of injury or illness and decide on plan for treatment
  • Provide care to your level of training
  • Seek advice/ check in with camp Pediatrician or Head Nurse as needed
  • Accurately document all treatments in Camp Minder in a timely fashion

3. Oversee all aspects of medication administration for campers

  • Manage all incoming meds via the Brown Ledge established system to ensure all meds are present, correct and secure
  • Train qualified staff in medication administration (trips, overnights)
  • Resupply medications to groups when needed

4. Oversee all camper health care, including care given by outside providers, and act as primary

communication with parents

  • Maintain final authority in deciding whether a camper or staff needs further care
  • Act as liaison between other care providers, camp administrators, and parents
  • Log all interactions with parents in Camp Minder
  • Maintain discretion, privacy, and follow all HIPAA regulations surrounding camper and parent information

Other Job Duties:

  • Drive and accompany campers to medical appointments when possible, acting as camp liaison
  • Supervise the infirmary when any patients are staying there
  • Keep appropriate staff and administrators informed of all significant health issues for individuals or campus-wide
  • Maintain open communication with parents, keeping them informed of health issues for their children and responding promptly to communication from parents
  • Train staff in medication administration, common treatments and use of med pack contents for trips out of camp
  • Keep the infirmary clean, organized and ready for patients
  • Keep up with infirmary inventory, ordering supplies as needed
  • Advise on needed health policy changes
  • Educate and advocate for preventive health care and sanitation practices across camp
  • Keep all health care records updated in our online system- CampMinder


The nurse will interact with program, kitchen, office and facility staff as co-workers, and is expected to do so with an intention of cooperation, great customer service, policy adherence and high-quality care for campers. The nurse has final authority over all direct health-related issues, including separating contagious people from others and determining level of medical care for children. In other areas, issues requiring a higher level decision should be referred to the supervisor.


Job Requirements


  • Registered Nurse (may consider LPN if supervision can be established) with valid license in VT or reciprocal state (Brown Ledge will pay for transfer)

  • 21 years of age minimum

  • CPR professional level certification

  • Ability to be on feet for long periods and to travel around campus on foot

  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail

  • Accurate record keeping

  • Positive, customer-oriented attitude


  • Experience working with children

  • Prior camp nurse experience

  • Understanding of ADHD, depression, and eating disorders

  • Mental Health First Aid certification


71 Brown Ledge Rd
Colchester VT 05446
United States
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