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Red Pine Camp for Girls
8531 Red Pine Road
Minocqua, WI 54568
United States
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Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
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Looking for a way to recharge your batteries in a lower demand medical sense how about working as a camp nurse or camp nursing assistant if still in nursing school in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.


Red Pine Camp is seeking a full-time registered nurse and nursing assistant from early June through August 12. Applicants must possess experience in first aid and an understanding of health needs for children ranging from ages 7 to 16.  

Duties include:

·        Reviewing camper  health histories

·        Communicating health needs of campers to administration and counselors 

·        Distribution of prescription and over the counter medication

·        Providing first aid for minor injuries and illnesses

·        Maintaining accurate health logs

·        Speaking with parents and counselors as needed

·        24 hour on-site coverage 7 days a week with relief time

Please contact Camp Director, Connie Scholfield if interested 952-270-0579,

Job Requirements
The Health Center is staffed by a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician duly licensed/endorsed in the State of Wisconsin. The registered nurse is certified in first aid, CPR and use of the AED. She demonstrates an understanding of the healthcare needs of both children aged 7-16 and adults.

The registered nurse works under the license of and the standing orders issued by the physician at the Marshfield Clinic

Healthcare duties:
1. Cares for ill or injured campers and staff both in the clinic and at other sites in camp within the scope of her license and within the parameters of the standing orders.
2. Provides first aid
3. Formulates and administers a plan of care for ill or injured campers and staff
4. Prepares and administers both prescription and OTC medications.
5. Checks-in/checks-out all campers and staff at the beginning of each session.
6. Checks-in/checks-out campers and staff for overnight trips out of camp. 7. Arranges trips into the clinic and/or Urgent Care as appropriate
8. Logs campers/staff in on health log.
9. Maintains nursing notes for any campers held in the Healthcare center for observation or for overnight stays.
10. Supervises and directs all care given by CNA or other Health Center staff
11. Reviews and countersigns any/all documentation by CNA or other Health Center staff
12. Reviews all camper/staff healthcare records prior to camp
13. Coordinates plan of care for any campers with special health needs with parents, private physician.
14. Provides education as necessary to CNA or other Health Center staff.
15. Provides education, relays information on special camper health needs to camp staff and Camp Director
16. Reviews common camp ailments as well as emergency measures with staff before each 4-week session.
17. Provides list of food allergies to camp dietary department and discusses any concerns with food service director.
18. Notifies parents of any injury/illness that necessitates care beyond the Health center.
19. Communicates any concerns with parents
20. Maintains open and thorough communication with Camp Director about any camper or staff healthcare concerns.
21. Remains available by radio at all times unless on time off away from camp.
22. Time off will be coordinated with the Camp Director.

Non-healthcare duties
1. Record keeping including: filing, copying forms and records, and maintaining office supplies.
3. Maintains refrigerator temperature log and AED check log.
4. Maintains adequate stock of OTC meds.
5. Works with CampMeds to assure adequate camper prescription meds
6. Checks all medications for outdates
7. Responsible for initial set up and packing/terminal cleaning of clinic at end of season
8. Maintains, supplies, and distributes first aid fanny packs to all departments
Registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician license in the State of Wisconsin
Current First Aid, CPR and AED certifications
Experience in pediatrics, school, camp, emergency or outpatient settings
Homesickness techniques a plus

CNA or other Health center staff

Reports to:
Camp Director
Connie Scholfield
8531 Red Pine Road
Minocqua WI 54568
United States
Red Pine Camp for Girls Connie Scholfield
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