Wellness Director

Trail Blazers
210 Deckertown Turnpike
Montague, NJ 07827
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Job Start Date
Job End Date
Application Closing Date
$600.00 to $1,000.00 Per Week
Job Description

The Wellness Director oversees all matters related to the well-being of campers and staff at Trail Blazers’ overnight camp in Northwest New Jersey. They are responsible for implementing the camp health care plan, responding to urgent and non-urgent medical needs, managing camper medications, and providing health and wellness education and guidance to children and staff members. Your kindness, compassion, and dedication to health and wellness will be put to good use in a program that brings youth of all ages from the city to the great outdoors in northwest NJ!


Essential functions of this role include:

  • Manage all health center operations
    • Establish open call hours and schedule for administering medication
    • Maintain medical inventory
    • Restock first aid kits on an ongoing basis
    • Ensure security of medication and medical information
    • Keep medical office and sleeping areas clean
  • Implement Standing Orders under physician’s direction
  • Maintain detailed medical records and notes
  • Communicate with parents
    • Follow up with parents before each session on medical questions or concerns
    • Contact parents of children via phone who were treated by physician/hospital/dentist during their stay
  • Provide training to camp staff on health and first aid expectations, ensuring that they understand their roles in protecting the health and wellness of their campers, and holding them accountable for their performance in this area
  • Respond to emergency medical situations
  • Other duties as explained in the Wellness Director manual
Job Requirements

  • R.N. licensed to practice in the state of New Jersey preferred, will consider other medical or emergency response certifications as well

  • Current certification in Standard First Aid and CPR (adult and child)

  • Experience working with children and young adults in the areas of health and medical care

  • Experience and comfort living and working in a residential camp setting

  • Calm and compassionate demeanor

  • Ability to keep accurate records and write quality reports

  • Ability to work productively in a stressful environment

  • Ability to keep calm in an emergency situation

  • Ability to move safely over uneven terrain

  • Ability to work outside in any weather

  • Ability to walk for up to 30 minutes at a time

  • Ability to occasionally lift 50 pounds

  • Ability to see and respond to dangerous situations

  • Ability to run, bend, and change directions while moving

  • Willingness to live on site and be on call 24 hours a day while on duty

  • Willingness to undergo background check requirements

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