About This Camp

3663 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90010
United States
Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps Jen Shankman
Being a staff member at summer camp is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in your entire life. These responses are from a few of the more than 1200 campers that staff at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps impact every summer. Overnight summer camp is truly the key to a young person’s journey to adulthood, to responsibility, creativity and independence. Camp provides the opportunity for campers to stretch their wings without their parents over their shoulders to truly become the people they want to be. Their identity and growth lies in the hands of you, the staff, that work so closely with them, acting as a parent, friend, mentor, and authority figure. Whether you are a counselor, specialist, or senior staff member, you can be the factor in changing the world, one child at a time.

At Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps, our first priority is the campers and creating transformative experiences for them, but we also care deeply about the staff and their personal and professional journeys. It is extremely important to us that the staff as well as the campers get a chance to become who they want to be, to learn and to grow. Even without previous experience in camping, you can still apply to work at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps!